11/22 LCBN: Poor Eliza as Sheryl Crow!

Poor Eliza as Sheryl Crow:

Poor Eliza engages audiences with her intimate vocal vibrato and dynamic songwriting. Inspired by the haunting melodies of songwriters like Damien Rice and Kathleen Edwards, Poor Elizas debut album The Wrong Thing contains songs that range from spare solo acoustic to lush string arrangements and layered vocal harmonies. She uses her lyrics to challenge her sense of self, how she is perceived, and the disappointments surrounding identity. Performing in the Boston these past nine years has made her a familiar face in the ever growing singer/songwriting scene.

Sunken City as Portishead:

Sunken City plays a fusion of soul, tango, trip-hop, and jazz, with a focus on groove and welcoming darkness. Progressive ethics of feminist, economic, and social justice infuse their lyrics along with elements of fantasy, introspection, and mysticism. Band members from a variety of musical backgrounds (jazz, spiritual, tango, rock, classical) work together produce a coherent sound fusing compatible elements from disparate genres.