Welcome to Poor Eliza!

Thank you so much for visiting this new website! While I have loved playing under the name Bitch Trifecta, the time for change has come. Having a “bad word” in my band name really wasn’t a big deal when I was playing open mics and updating a myspace page. Recently, it’s become a bit of a hassle, and I didn’t like the preconception that came with it.

I took the name Poor Eliza from one of my favorite musicals The King and I. One of the King’s slaves writes a play based on Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and Eliza is one of the main characters. I love the layers of racial and moral weirdness that occur in this musical. I also love the music. We are constantly faced with these contradictions of what we love and hate, of what is good and bad. That’s what the name Poor Eliza represents to me.

CLICK HERE to see the part of the ballet I’m referencing. I recommend watching the entire musical if you ever get the chance!