11/03 Thunder Road

Dear Friends,

Please join me for a great bill of local songwriters at Thunder Road, 6-8:30 pm to see Poor Eliza, Victoria Rios, Jocelyn Limmer, and Small City Mayor for $10. Thunder Road opens at 5pm and serves a full menu of great food and drink! Purchase tickets HERE.

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Press Release (Long Form):

On Thursday, November 3 at 6:00-8:30 PM, Thunder Road (375 Somerville Ave in Somerville) hosts local songwriters Poor Eliza, Victoria Rios, Jocelyn Limmer, and Small City Mayor. Thunder Road is the new rock venue in Union Square and is handicap accessible with a single occupancy bathroom on the entry level. The doors and kitchen open at 5pm and tickets are $10. Purchase tickets here: http://ow.ly/6NfB304AvzV

Small City Mayor is the new indie rock project of Bredon Jones and Miriam Keller (formerly of Last to Show First to Go). Layering electric guitars & ukulele, trumpet, and harmonized vocals, they build beautiful and often haunting songs of politics, protest, and culture wars.

Jocelyn Limmer has been a songwriter for thirteen years and a *mostly* recovering perfectionist for five. Says Jocelyn,” For me, music is all about embracing uncomfortable emotions or life situations—on good days, with a sense of humor. Some of my favorite artists are Elliott Smith, Amanda Palmer and old-school Sia. (Also, if you haven’t listened to Mary Lambert, you should probably go do that right now!).”

Victoria Rios is a singer-songwriter born and raised in the wild west of  San Francisco California, and a descendent of a world renowned Romani (Gypsy) Flamenco family (great-niece of Diego del Gastor, the daughter of Agustin Rios de Morón, and a relative of many other notable Flamenco artists). Treading these two worlds, her own unique style emerged. Distinctly Romani and  distinctly San Franciscan, her songs are made out of sparkling, finger-picking guitar,  soulful and powerful vocals, insightful lyrics, and Flamenco’s  commitment to honoring stark vulnerability and pure unfiltered feeling.

Poor Eliza (formerly Bitch Trifecta) is Jane Park’s singer/songwriting project. “The first time I heard Elliott Smith’s “Waltz #2 (XO), I had to learn how to play the guitar. These past eight years of songwriting have been a roller coaster of finding my voice and practicing the guitar. I try to be a little wreckless when I perform, but I also love the quiet moments. I hope it makes the audience feel like we’re in this together.”

9/4 Aeronaut Brewery

aeronaut BYOP

Please join me and some friends for a great day of folk and Americana at the Aernonaut Brewery in Somerville, MA! Thanks to Liz Anaya for letting me book the day!

2:00 PM Poor Eliza/Jane (Songwriter Folk)
3:00 PM Eric Landers (Americana Songwriter)
4:00 PM TBA/Jam
5:00 PM Ralph and Dean (Bulgarian Folk)
6:00 PM Poor Eliza/Jam

The goal of BYOP (Bring Your Own Picnic!) Sundays is to open up stage space & sunday audiences for 6 continuous hours to the broadest possible community of players. hosting people and groups grab days on on those days, curate live sessions switching between traditional bands and open jams. Bring out a picnic and listen, or grab your banjo & join in!

Join the community here: AERONAUT BYOP: Picknickers & Players


Eric Landers 

9/06 Bent Water Open Mic


I’ll be the featured artist at the new Bent Water Open Mic on September 6th!

Join us at Bent Water Brewing company, 180 Commercial St. in Lynn, every Tuesday evening from 5:30 to 8:30. Drink a fantastic beer and perform. Musicians, poets, comedians, storytellers, magicians, jugglers, dancers, and scientists are all welcome. Hosted by Jeff Savlon.

Recording Session!

Tomorrow I’m finally going back into the studio to record an EP/Single, centered around the song “Last Call.” If you’d like to follow the fun, join me on instagram! It’s still under my old name–I’m slowly updating: @bitchtrifecta.


Welcome to Poor Eliza!

Thank you so much for visiting this new website! While I have loved playing under the name Bitch Trifecta, the time for change has come. Having a “bad word” in my band name really wasn’t a big deal when I was playing open mics and updating a myspace page. Recently, it’s become a bit of a hassle, and I didn’t like the preconception that came with it.

I took the name Poor Eliza from one of my favorite musicals The King and I. One of the King’s slaves writes a play based on Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and Eliza is one of the main characters. I love the layers of racial and moral weirdness that occur in this musical. I also love the music. We are constantly faced with these contradictions of what we love and hate, of what is good and bad. That’s what the name Poor Eliza represents to me.

CLICK HERE to see the part of the ballet I’m referencing. I recommend watching the entire musical if you ever get the chance!

6/11 Arlington Porchfest


I’m so excited to be a part of the first Arlington Porchfest this year! Please join me at 11 Fremont St, around 2pm. I’ll be sharing a porch with Ginger Ibex and the Ladies Accordian Orchestra!

6/17 Walnut St Cafe


Come to the Walnut Street Cafe for a special electric songwriters night! Host Matt Minigell will challenge a group of us songwriters to play our music on an electric guitar. Minimi minimi minimi minimi waaaaaah!

June 17, 2016
Walnut St Cafe
157 Walnut St, Lynn